Microsoft SQL Server and SQLEditor

Can I use SQLEditor with a Microsoft SQL Server database?

Yes, but with some limitations.

Working features

  • SQLEditor has support for importing from SQL Server with JDBC.
  • It has a specific dialect for exporting and some ability to import from files.
  • SQLEditor will also auto-detect Microsoft SQL Server JDBC drivers when they are installed.

Features with limitations

  • Export to Database. SQLEditor should be able to export new objects but may have difficulty updating existing objects
  • Import from SQL. This has difficulty with some of the SQL dialect, in particular the GO keyword.

Will you be improving this?

Yes. Work is progressing on improvements and version 2.7.2 should include better support for SQLServer.

Where can I get the SQLServer JDBC driver from?

The SQL Server JDBC driver is available directly from Microsoft at their website.

Microsoft MSDN

Currently the SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver 3.0 is recommended

Other versions may also work.

If you are offered a choice of download versions we suggest choosing the Unix rather than Windows version. (Because it easier to extract)

The unix edition is provided as tar.gz file and can be easily decompressed.

The archive contains a folder called enu which should contain two jar files called sqljdbc4.jar and sqljdbc.jar

Copy the correct driver file as shown below to /Library/Java/Extensions/.

Mac OS X Version Driver file to use
Mac OS X 10.6 or later sqljdbc4.jar
Mac OS X 10.5 sqljdbc.jar

SQLEditor should find these drivers automatically when it starts up.

If SQLEditor is already running you may need to restart it to see the new drivers.

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