SQLEditor: Merging documents

Although SQLEditor doesn't include a facility to merge documents directly, you can achieve this task by using copy and paste.

See also: SQLEditor: Copy and Paste, foreign keys which covers how SQLEditor behaves when you copy and paste foreign keys.

The main problem is what happens when a table in document A has the same name as a table in document B.

I have two documents that have no conflicting tables

This is the simplest case, simply select all of the objects, choose Edit->copy and then Edit->Paste into the new document

I have some conflicting tables, but I don't need relationships between objects in different documents

Use the same method, but note that conflicting tables will be renamed.

I have some conflicting tables and I need to have tables referencing between different documents

This is the most complicated case, an example might be where two people are working on a database and there is a single main table that both reference from their own areas.

The easiest way to do this is to use SQLEditor's reconnection on paste system.

We're going to merge Document B into Document A.

In this example a single tables, Table2, is shared between both documents and linked to by different objects in each.

Document A:
after pasting the object

Document B:
after pasting the object

We look at any shared objects to make sure that they have all of the fields that are necessary.
In this case note that Table2 is shared between A and B and has the correct id column in both versions.

Now we copy Table1 only. (Table2 is already present in Document A).

Document A afterwards:
after pasting the object

Isn't this very complicated? Make it simpler!

Yes it is complicated. (Sorry!)

Proper merging is high on the feature request list and is something that is being actively looked at.

I want to drag instead of using the clipboard

As an alternative to copy/paste you can also drag with the option or alt key held down.

This works otherwise in exactly the same way

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