SQLEditor and Mac OS X Lion

This page gives information about SQLEditor and OS X 10.7/Lion

It will be updated as new information becomes available and is subject to change.

Last updated 9th August - SQLEditor 1.7.8 Released

Will SQLEditor work on OS X 10.7/Lion?

YES - SQLEditor works correctly on OS X 10.7/Lion

New security restrictions in Lion have caused us to make a change to the way SQLEditor handles registrations starting in version 1.7.8. (see below for details)

If you are using SQLEditor on 10.7 and find a problem please report it to us at support@malcolmhardie.com.

For more information about Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, please see Apple's website:

SQLEditor changes with Lion.

Registration is now stored per user by default

OS X 10.7 includes new security restrictions which are intended to make your Mac more resistant to tampering and prevent malicious software from causing damage. These new restrictions particularly affect programs that write to shared areas.

From version 1.7.8 SQLEditor now stores your registration details in your user account (previously it was stored in the machine wide shared preferences section)

SQLEditor will continue to respect machine wide registrations if they already exist or if you set them manually in the machine wide section.

(You can copy the 3 keys Username, SerialCode and mode to the machine wide preferences domain and you should get a valid registration for all users)

But Lion doesn't ship with Java - is this a problem?

No problem at all. Your Mac will ask permission and then automatically download and install Java if it is needed.

If you prefer to download the installer manually, then you can download an installer from http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1421

We're also looking at producing a version of SQLEditor that doesn't need Java at all.

Does SQLEditor support Autosave and Versions?

Not yet. We have a development version that does support this (2.0b1) and we're hoping to release a preview soon.

Will SQLEditor be available in the Mac App store?

We are considering offering a version of SQLEditor in the Mac App store, however there are some significant issues that must be resolved before we can do that.

We do not plan to switch to be a 100% App Store developer

We love the App Store, but there are some limitations right now that mean that SQLEditor isn't the best fit.
We also have no intention of abandoning our existing store and the users who have been kind enough to support us this far. SQLEditor will continue to be available directly from us (even if we do end up selling some stuff in the App Store)

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