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Snow Leopard Support

SQLEditor 1.4.7 won't launch on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

To use SQLEditor on Snow leopard you need to use version 1.6 or later.

See the SQLEditor and Snow Leopard page for more details and to download the 1.6 beta.

My Java 1.5 or 1.6 JDBC Driver doesn't work with SQLEditor

SQLEditor 1.4.x requires that you use only JDBC drivers that support Java 1.4

This is regardless of which version of the JDK is currently installed.

(This issue is mainly because SQLEditor 1.4 is still officially supporting Mac OS X 10.3.9)

SQLEditor 1.6 does not have this limitation and on Mac OS X 10.5 will support Java 1.5 JDBC drivers. On Mac OS X 10.6 it supports Java 1.6 JDBC drivers too.

Reordering fields and then exporting doesn't affect database field order

If you have a table and reorder the fields in SQLEditor, this reordering will not be exported to the database.

This is due to be fixed in a future release for databases that support field ordering.

Problems with Java for Mac OS X 10.5, Update 1

Please use the release version 1.4 or later. (Beta versions after 1.4b25 also work)

(If you need to use 1.3.9 for some reason please get in touch, there's a special build)

SQLEditor does not work on my Intel Mac using Rosetta

SQLEditor will only run natively, please use version 1.1.4b1 or later


Oracle database connectivity doesn't work when specifying a schema in lowercase

Use uppercase, Oracle JDBC drivers seem to expect schema names to be in uppercase

Postgresql (8.x) Import: Foreign keys are not imported

Please upgrade to the latest available JDBC driver, which should fix the problem.

JDBC Drivers are not automatically recognised

SQLEditor will only recognize drivers that are included on its internal list. If the driver isn't on this list then it will not be recognized automatically and you will need to add it by hand.

See the SQLEditor database drivers page for details of supported drivers

If you install drivers while it is running it may not recognise them immediately. Try restarting SQLEditor to see if this makes any difference.


Can't drag fields, only links are drawn

Drag using the drag handle on the left of the field. If no handle is visible try clicking on the field first

No files seem to be recognized when I try Import From File

Files without extension or with the extensions sql,text or txt can be imported


MySQL "type" vs "Engine"

MySQL versions 5.2 and later want to use keyword "ENGINE" instead of "TYPE" for specifying table engine types (INNODB, MyISAM, etc)
Earlier versions of SQLEditor used "TYPE", new releases now correctly use "ENGINE"


Postgres: 'relation "Table2" already exists' on export

If you do the following you may get an error:

  • Create tables in new document (without specifying a schema on the tables)
  • Export to Postgres database server
  • Make changes to tables in document
  • Export to database (again)

This may fail with an error "relation "Table2" already exists".

This is because tables in SQLEditor don't have a default schema assigned automatically. However when these tables are exported to Postgres, the database system automatically puts them in the 'public' schema.

SQLEditor doesn't currently understand the 'public' schema and it assumes that the tables don't exist (because they don't have the names SQLEditor expects). So SQLEditor tries to create the tables again, but these tables already exist.

The attempt to create another copy of the existing tables causes Postgres to complain with the error message.

This is an bug that will be corrected in a future release of SQLEditor.


Make sure you assign a specific schema to each table. If you don't have a schema use 'public' (without the quotes)


Version 1.4.1

Files fail to save when there are indexes in a table targeted by a foreign key

This is a bug in the release, it is fixed in 1.4.2b1 and later.
[Download] 3.9 MB DMG file

Version 1.4

Image Export formats wrong

SQLEditor may create export images in formats other than the selected format. (e.g. an image requested as a jpeg may be a png). This has been corrected in 1.4.1

SQL Import issues

The release version 1.4 has some problems with parsing certain bits of SQL. A new version of the parser was included in version 1.4.1

Version 1.4b19

MySQL: Default value missing if auto-increment is set

This is a change in behaviour. MySQL doesn't accept this combination in newer versions at all and it was causing export problems.

Also the meaning of having both a default value and auto-increment set is unclear.

This applies only to MySQL, all other dialects allow this combination.

Please send us email at if you're having trouble with this.


Version 1.4b16

Issues when Rails Plugin

There are some issues with the Rails plugins, including not working on PowerPC and not importing correctly.

This is due to a bug with the released beta versions, where the wrong version of the Rails plugin was mistakenly included with the distributed version.

A revised build with the correct Rails plugin will be available shortly.


Version 1.4b9

Issues when Dragging objects with a scaled canvas

When the canvas is scaled and objects are dragged they are sometimes unexpectedly resized.

This has been fixed for 1.4b10

Version 1.3.9

Creating a field with the name ID prevents other fields from being added

Creating a field of name ID in a table stops me adding more fields to that table.

If you find that you cannot add fields to a table try looking for a field called ID. Due to a case-sensitivity bug in SQLEditor creating a field of this name will prevent other fields from being added (since the default name is id in lowercase).

What happens is that part of the system was correctly case-sensitive and understood that ID is not the same as id, while the other part wasn't (and prevented the field being added)

This will be fixed in the next release (and is fixed in the current beta).

Page numbers, headers and footers overlap with objects

If you are using 10.3 or 10.4.0-10.4.2 try setting Preferences->"Use new Printing System" to off. There was a bug in the system software in earlier versions of Mac OS X which requires use of the old printing system in SQLEditor.

(This option has been removed in 1.4.x betas and is now set automatically)


Version 1.3.4 - 1.3.5

Import and Export issues in 1.3.4 and 1.3.5

There are some bugs that have been identified in versions 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 relating to database importing and database exporting.

Problems include the database import or database export windows not opening, or the database import/export action failing. These problems are related to a change made in 1.3.4 to the database import/export window. Unfortunately this change had unexpected consequences which has led to some unexpected problems.


It was hoped that this had been resolved in 1.3.5, however it still seems to be affecting certain configurations.

In 1.3.5 database importing should work correctly, but the are problems with database exporting. One work around is to try the database export again. It appears that repeating the export will typically complete successfully.

A patch is currently being worked on to fix this. (Fixed in 1.3.6)


Version 1.3

Tables that have been created using the clipboard or the duplicate action don't save connectors correctly

This is due to a bug in the connector loading system that prevents SQLEditor from distinguishing between the original object and the copy. It will be fixed in the next point release.


Version 1.3b1 - 1.3b3

Schema setting on object is not saved

This is a bug in the new schema option for tables and other objects. The value is saved, but isn't reloaded, which causes the value to be empty when the file is loaded in again. If you have a lot of this type of change please save a copy of the file it should work properly in the next beta.


Version 1.1.4b5

Oracle connections are sometimes timing out or failing when attempting to import or export via JDBC.

Use version 1.2b2 or later (1.2b3 recommended)


Version 1.2b2

MySQL Export fails

There is a bug in 1.2b2 that causes this to fail. Upgrade to 1.2b3


Version 1.1b3

Export to database fails with an error

There is a bug in 1.1b3 and 1.1b4 when trying to export to a database using JDBC, this action always fails. A fix will be provided in a future release.


Version 1.1

Cannot move connectors in orthogonal mode

Upgrade to version 1.1.1 which corrects this problem


Version 1.1.1

setting a field (column) to be indexed in MySQL results in a duplicated add index instruction

This is a known problem and a fix is being worked on. As a workaround, do not select the indexed checkbox for a field.


Version 1.0

Crash when printing

Try setting the header in File->Document Options to something. There is an error in the code that does printing without headers. This bug has now been fixed. Please download the latest version for the fix


Version 1.1b6

MySQL jdbc Table export fails with error 150

Set drop table option (File->Document Options) to false. This is due to an incorrect ordering of drop table instructions and will be fixed as soon as possible


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