File Formats in SQLEditor

SQLEditor supports several different import and export formats. However these formats don't support all of the options that SQLEditor uses internally.

With SQLEditor a native format can preserve all options and settings. This includes document level details such as document dialect and window settings, along with object level attributes such as size, position and label.

Any other format is considered a foreign format.

So, if you export your document to a foreign file format or a database and then import it back into SQLEditor, the document you get out may not be the same as the document you had originally.

SQLEditor Schema Document sqs Native
SQL Text File / SQL Script File / SQL Database Dump sql Foreign
Ruby On Rails Migration rb Foreign
Database (Via JDBC) rb Foreign (1)

(1) Database export cannot preserve all options currently.

Native Format

The only Native Format for SQLEditor currently is the SQLEditor Schema Document format (extension sqs).

Use File->Save... or File->Save As... to save files in the native format.

Foreign Formats

Other formats are called Foreign Format files. This currently include exported SQL dump files (extension sql) and Ruby on Rails Migration class files (extension rb).

Use File->Export To File... to save files in a foreign format.

Database import and export

SQLEditor does not currently store its own information in a database when it performs an export. This is being considered as an optional feature for a future release.

Use File->Export To Database... to export to a database.


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