SQLEditor: Troubleshooting Crashes

We hope that SQLEditor will work reliably and not crash.

However if it should, here are some things that may help.

Reporting Crashes

We really want to know about all crashes that occur with SQLEditor!

SQLEditor has a crash reporting tool which will send information back.
We carefully read all of the reports sent in this way.

If this doesn't work or you prefer not to use it please email us at support@malcolmhardie.com.

All information supplied will be treated confidentially.

Damaged Documents

SQLEditor stores documents in XML format and this can be directly edited in a text editor. If a document cannot be opened we may be able to offer assistance in editing it to a usable state. Please email us at support@malcolmhardie.com

SQLEditor crashes at startup

If SQLEditor crashes when starting up, the first thing to try is to restart SQLEditor and see if the crash reoccurs. Clicking the reopen button in the dialog box should work.

If the crash does re-occur, then it is worth restarting you Mac just to make sure nothing odd is happening.

Crash when reloading document at startup

If a document file has been damaged, SQLEditor should normally report this and not open the document.

We are aware of certain cases where damaged documents can crash SQLEditor.

In particular, if the document contains an SQL View and that view crashes the SQL Parser.

In this case, there are two items that should be deleted.

Delete ONLY these specific items, do not delete any other items.

This should allow SQLEditor to restart correctly.

SQLEditor Saved Application State directory

~/Library/Saved Application State/com.malcolmhardie.sqleditor.cocoa.savedState/

Auto-save Information file

~/Library/Autosave Information/com.malcolmhardie.sqleditor.cocoa.plist

Both of these items are located in the Library directory of your home directory.
You may need to use the Finder->Menu->Go->Go To Folder command to access your library directory.

Support Updates

Contact Us

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