SQLEditor and macOS 11.0/Big Sur

This page gives information about SQLEditor and macOS 11.0/Big Sur

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Last updated 11th October 2020

What is macOS 11.0/Big Sur?

macOS 11.0/Big Sur is the latest version of macOS (Formerly Mac OS X).
It is the successor to the 10.15/Catalina release

Will SQLEditor work on macOS 11.0/Big Sur

The final release of Big Sur has not yet occurred, however we have tested SQLEditor with pre-release (beta) versions of Big Sur and initial testing has not found any issues.

We intend to keep testing SQLEditor regularly as Big Sur moves towards final release.

If any other issues be found, we intend to provide any fixes that are required.

Are there any known issues

  • No functional issues
  • User interface elements may appear differently to the documentation.

Does SQLEditor support Apple Silicon (ARM based) Macs on 11.0

We don't currently support ARM macs.

  • Currently SQLEditor is 64Bit Intel x86-64 only.
  • We haven't yet released a build with native ARM code.
  • Java features may not work due the JVM possibly not excuting correctly.

We're currently studying the situation and hope to have further information when these machines are formally announced.

If you have used SQLEditor on such a system, we would love to hear from you at support@malcolmhardie.com

Please report problems

If you are using SQLEditor on 11.0 and find a problem please report it to us at support@malcolmhardie.com.

For more information about macOS 11.0/Big Sur, please see Apple's website: https://www.apple.com/macOS/ or visit Wikipedia - macOS Big Sur

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