SQLEditor Change Log https://www.malcolmhardie.com/sqleditor/appcast.xml Most recent changes with links to updates. en Version 3.5.5
Update Channel: release

Paid Upgrade

There is a charge to upgrade to SQLEditor 3

Licenses bought on or after 1st March 2014 can upgrade free of charge

SQLEditor 3

SQLEditor 3 brings new features including a new single window interface, design report generation, new style options including the ability to set the object display fonts, performance improvements, better pre-flighting and a new javascript plugin system.

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Changes in this build (3.5.5)

SQLEditor - 3.5.5

  • Fix for inline renaming and comment editing in dark mode not working due to text sometimes appearing in white on white background
  • Fix for insertion point color being incorrect in some cases (and so hidden also)
  • Fix for drag handles not layering correctly
  • Fix for bug when copying object and the dialect was set to JSON
Version 1.7.18
Update Channel: release
This release does not support Mac OS X 10.4
Requires OS X 10.5.8 or later.

SQLEditor - 1.7.18

  • Release of 1.7.18b1
  • From Version 1.7.18b1
    • First gatekeeper signed version (for mountain lion)
    • Fix for bug where object locations could be corrupted
    • New minimum System 10.5.8 (due to gatekeeper signing)