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Hyper-threading and cleverness

Another day, another attack on processor architectures. I remember during the computer architecture classes at university marvelling at how clever the processor architectures were. Branch prediction, the challenges of process management and context switching. How everything could be managed so … Continue reading

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[NSColor highlightColor] differs in dark mode

I noticed a point today while working on dark mode for Mojave 10.14. The value of -(NSColor*)highlightColor differs depending on whether you’re in light mode or dark mode. This particularly affects -(NSColor *)highlightWithLevel:(CGFloat)val; By calling: [[NSColor highlightColor] colorUsingColorSpace:[NSColorSpace genericRGBColorSpace]]; I … Continue reading

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End of 32 bit on Mac will kill off old games

The era of 32 bit Mac applications is probably coming to an end. Apple seems to be moving towards a 64 bit future. 64 bit conversion isn’t very difficult for most ordinary apps, although there will undoubtably be developers who … Continue reading

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Github desktop and the tree view

Github desktop has been a helpful companion to my development work for some time now. It’s lightweight, easy to use and integrates nicely with However there is one neat feature that github desktop v1 had that the newer v2 … Continue reading

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Blockchain isn’t the answer?

It is important to remember that there are problems for which blockchains are not the correct answer.

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Tags and Taxonomies

When tagging documents with keywords, sometimes too many keywords is as bad as too few. If you have too few, the document might not be found. If you have too many, the document will be found every time; even if … Continue reading

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Another unbelievable truck advert

Following from the entirely unbelievable but true Epic Split truck advert with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scania has offered a new ad, building a working clock using trucks. I love all of these ads, I really do. But I’m not in … Continue reading

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Birkhill Fireclay Museum Closed

Sadly it seems that the Birkhill fireclay mine has been permanently closed as a visitor attraction. I was lucky enough to go round the mine tour a few years ago when it was still open and it was a fascinating visit. The mine … Continue reading

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SQLEditor javascript plugins

There is some new sample code for writing javascript plugins on our shiny new organisation github page:

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SQLEditor 3.0 release

SQLEditor 3.0 is ready! I’ve feel like I’ve been working on this for ages, so I’m really happy that it’s now ready. The most visible change is the new user interface, which has been merged into a single window. Single … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Zero

The new Raspberry Pi Zero looks amazing! Base price is just £4! Sure you have to add stuff like an SD card, a screen and a keyboard. But these can be shared, or borrowed or obtained second hand from somewhere … Continue reading

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SVG Explanations

Working on SQLEditor SVG improvements (arriving soon in 3.0), and found this excellent series of articles by Sara Soueidnn on several of the details. So SQLEditor in future will be using the same object icons in SVG as are drawn in the … Continue reading

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Apple Developer Program improvements

Apple has made some big changes to their developer programs, which I think are a big improvement: 1) You can now apparently develop and deploy to your own iOS device without a program membership. (Possibly only with Xcode 7, I’m not … Continue reading

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New Bujold Book!

Wonderful news: Lois McMaster Bujold, one of my favourite authors, has announced a new novel, due sometime in 2016. If you haven’t read Bujold, I strongly recommend going out, getting a copy of one of them and reading it right … Continue reading

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Updating wordpress plugins via svn:externals

WordPress usually needs plugins for things, but it’s a pain keeping them updated, unless you want to use the built in auto-updating (which I don’t use for various reasons) That was until I discovered this method of using svn:externals to update … Continue reading

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MOD releasing open source stuff

MoD releases code to GitHub Well done to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at the UK ministry of Defence. They’ve started to release code on github. I can’t imagine that getting approval for this was easy, and it probably required a … Continue reading

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Prison Architect

I’ve been playing Prison Architect recently, having picked it up in a Humble Bundle deal. Interesting idea and great fun. Plus not so lifelike that I would be uncomfortable playing.  

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Is Yosemite going to be released today?

October 16th has arrived, the Apple event is scheduled. Will this be the official release date of Yosemite? Enquiring minds want to know… update: yes it looks like it will be

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Google XSS game It teaches a bit about Cross-site scripting (XSS) bugs that, as the page helpfully describes, are one of the most common and dangerous types of vulnerabilities in web apps. Worth checking, even if you think you know the material.

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Webkit Javascript Optimizing JIT compiler(s)

Is your JIT compiled javascript function running too slow? No worries, just wait and the javascript engine will recompile it and then replace the function with a faster version! But that’s not fast enough either? Webkit will compile another version … Continue reading

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