10.5 Support is ending

Due to the effective end-of-life for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) we will not be supporting it in new major versions of software.
SQLEditor 2.0 will require a minimum of OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), with 10.8 strongly recommended.

Note that 10.5 will continue to be supported for SQLEditor 1.7.x, however 1.7.x will reach end-of-life when 2.0 is released.



I am personally sad to see this because this is also the end of the PowerPC support (10.6 is Intel only). Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly difficult to support old versions of OS X and the problem is, if anything, accelerating. The future is coming, and faster than ever.

In particular the difficulty of supporting new features in the latest operating system (currently Mountain Lion), while still supporting old operating systems, is very great. A lot of work went in to getting SQLEditor 1.7.18 correctly signed for gatekeeper on 10.8, because the default Apple signing tools generate signatures that are, in effect, broken on earlier systems. It was almost getting to the point where two versions would have been made available, one for 10.7 and below, the other for 10.8.¬†Fortunately that didn’t happen, but it was pretty close.

In addition the declining proportion of users who use old systems mean that the work increases as the number of customers who benefit declines. And of course, as soon as a user replaces their machine with a new one, they have upgraded and the number of customers benefiting declines again.

Regrettably this makes the correct decision quite clear.

Goodbye Leopard, you served us all well.




If you have any questions about this or anything else please get in touch at



10.4 Compatibility?

SQLEditor 1.7.14 just got pushed to the site this evening and if you read the version history you’ll see an entry marked “Fix for 10.4 compatibility”. Due to an oversight some earlier releases of 1.7.x (starting at 1.7.11b1) don’t work correctly on 10.4 and it wasn’t caught during testing. (Sorry)

10.4¬†compatibility¬†is a difficulty in many ways, because it doesn’t run easily in vmware, nor do current macs support running it. To test SQLEditor on 10.4, I have a old iBook G4 machine which runs 10.4 and by testing SQLEditor on this machine, it is possible to confirm that the program works correctly. However there was an incompatible change made in a bug release version and the testing didn’t happen. I’m personally annoyed about this and I’m sorry to anyone affected.

However it did raise a crucial point. Very few people appear to have been affected. The opt-in statistic gathering system which sends us details of your system configuration reckons that fewer than 0.1% of users are running 10.4 (and reporting statistics).

Unfortunately the result is clear. 10.4 will not be a supported operating system in SQLEditor 2.0. This hopefully won’t be too much of a surprise, because we’ve been saying this for a while in the read me file.

We’re also looking at Mac OS X 10.5 support. Currently fewer than 0.5% of SQLEditor users are running 10.5.

For me personally, removing 10.5 support is more difficult, because removing it also removes all PPC users and I’ve always been a fan of the PPC platform and of course SQLEditor started as a PPC application. (Running partly in Java for people who remember)

The current plan is to support 10.5 in the initial release of SQLEditor 2 and then look again at how much this is actually being used. It seems unlikely that 10.5 support can continue much beyond the end of 2012 and it is likely that we’ll stop before then.

I’m sad about this, but such is progress.

So if you’re using SQLEditor and running it on 10.5, please enable the statistics gathering option. Alternatively, email us and tell us your plans. We’d love to hear from you.


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