SQLEditor and macOS 10.14/mojave

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Last updated 31 August 2018

What is macOS 10.14/mojave?

macOS 10.14/mojave is the latest version of macOS (Formerly Mac OS X).
It is the successor to the 10.13/High Sierra release.

Will SQLEditor work on macOS 10.14/mojave

We believe that the current release of SQLEditor (v3.3.12) will work correctly on macOS 10.14/mojave.

This is based on our testing using pre-release versions and there are sometimes unexpected changes between the last pre-release and the actual release versions.

Should any other issues be found, we intend to provide any fixes that are required.

Are there any known issues

There is currently no known issues

Will SQLEditor support Dark Mode?

No. Not yet.

SQLEditor does not currently support dark mode, although we are looking at whether it would be appropriate to support it in a future release.

What is dark mode?

10.14 includes a new dark user interface style as an option.

Dark mode draws the application windows and controls using a darker color palette than the default light mode.
There is no difference in functionality, this is solely a visual appearance change.

Please report problems

If you are using SQLEditor on 10.14 and find a problem please report it to us at support@malcolmhardie.com.

For more information about macOS 10.14/mojave, please see Apple's website: https://www.apple.com/macos/mojave-preview/

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