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What's new in SQLEditor 3

Single Window Design

SQLEditor now uses a single window design. We've merged most of panels and windows together, which reduces clutter, and streamlines your work.

We've also added a new status panel, so you can see what actions have been performed and view the related log information.

Javascript Plugin Support

SQLEditor now supports writing export plugins using 100% javascript, no native coding required

Object styling

SQLEditor now allows you to change the fonts used for drawing the diagrams

Expanded scripting support

You can now script editing of most types of object using Applescript or Javascript (With Javascript For Automation).

Rewritten engine

SQLEditor 3 has been significantly rewritten to improve performance and stability.

This includes support for larger documents and more complicated structures

One of our test cases has 10,000 fields and 9,900 foreign keys across 100 tables.

We've also made internal improvements which should allow further performance improvements in future releases

Report generation

SQLEditor can now export a HTML report on the document. It lists each table, column, foreign key, index and view along with all comments.

Choose Export File, then HTML Report

Improved tree view

You can now drag objects within the tree view, giving better control over large documents