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Common Issues and Solutions

Where do I actually make changes (like editing object names)?

Most editing is perfomed in the Inspector, if the inspector isn't visible you need to use WindowShow Inspector to make it visible.

I tried importing SQL, but I get lots of errors, why?

This is most likely a limitation in the parser. There are lots of variants of SQL and there are things the parser doesn't support.
If you send a sample of the SQL that fails to us at support@malcolmhardie.com, we'll do our best to make the parser recognize it

My name includes accented characters and the registration code you sent doesn't work!

First of all, sorry about this. Some names cause problems when passed between the payment processor and our own system.
If you email us at support@malcolmhardie.com we'll immediately issue a new serial number for you. We believe we've fixed this problem for future licenses.

When will you support [some other cool new thing]?

We try not to make announcements about future plans, but if you send a request in to us at support@malcolmhardie.com we'll add it the feature request list.
Quite a lot of the features in SQLEditor are the result of features that were requested, plus the more requests that we get for particular things, the more likely they are to appear.

Why do field level foreign keys get created by dragging from the foreign key to the primary key? Why isn't it the other way around?

Unfortunately this is just the way that SQLEditor was written and it made sense to the developer (awh) at the time.
We're looking into whether this can be supported for a future release.

SQLEditor is warning that a document was created with a newer version. What is the problem?

Sometimes new object types are added to SQLEditor, e.g. Views were added in v1.8, Check Constraints in v3.1. However earlier versions don't know how to deal with these features. Older versions will open and edit the document, but cannot read the newer objects. When saving the new objects are deleted. In order to prevent this you need to use a copy of the file or the newer objects will be lost.

Note that the warning will appear whether or not newer object types are being used