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General Preferences

The General preferences Tab displays preferences that don't fit one of the other categories.

Open New Document at launch

Normally SQLEditor will create a new untitled document when it starts up. If you uncheck this option then this doesn't happen.

For example if you normally always start by importing a file or if you only working on existing documents then you may wish to change this option.

Show Data Loss warning for database export

This option allows you to disable the warning that appears when SQLEditor thinks a database export operation may cause tables to be deleted

Disabling this warning means that SQLEditor will delete tables in your database without telling you first. Make sure you have backups.

Use Scroll wheel for Zoom

This option allows you to use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out on the document window.

Use command+scroll zoom

This option allows you to zoom the canvas by holding the command key and moving the mouse wheel.

Check for updates automatically

If enabled then SQLEditor will check at intervals to see if a newer version is available.

Check for beta versions

Allow the automatic updater to download pre-release beta versions as well as stable releases.

If you are running a beta version then you cannot uncheck the Check For beta versions option (because you are already on a beta version)

Send configuration information

If enabled, SQLEditor will send a snapshot of your current Mac configuration for statistical purposes. This will not contain any identifiable information. The information will contain information such as the current Mac OS X version, the amount of memory you have and the current version of SQLEditor in use. We use this information to determine where to focus our development efforts

Force foreign key type matching

This option makes SQLEditor change the data type of a field with a foreign key relation so that it matches the type of the referenced field.

It is disabled by default

Save connector position

Normally SQLEditor will save the position of orthagonal connectors if they have been manually moved. If you would prefer that this didn't happen disable this option.

Create simple foreign key links when possible

SQLEditor offers two types of foreign keys, either simple connections from one field to another or foreign key field objects which allow multiple fields to be linked together.

Enabling this option causes SQLEditor to generate the simple style references whenever possible, only using the foreign key object when specifically required.

This option only applies when SQLEditor creates a foreign key object, you can always create both types of foreign key by hand if you wish

Application Appearance

Use this option to choose the visual appearance of the application. This setting is disabled on machines running 10.13 or earlier

There are currently three options