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The DataTypes pane is used to manage data types for different dialects.

The DataTypes pane displays one dialect at a time. To choose which dialect to display use the popup menu Dialect at the top of the pane.

When you select a dialect the datatypes for that dialect appear in the left hand list.
You can delete types by clicking the - button at the bottom of the list.

To add a new type enter the type into the Add Type box and click the Add button.

To set the default type for the dialect choose it from the popup menu. A mark will appear in the list to the left of the default type indicating this.

Automatically add new types as used

If this is enabled then SQLEditor will automatically add new types to the document dialect when you use them for fields.

Reset All Dialects

This button resets all of the dialects back to the configuration that was supplied with SQLEditor.

Reset All Dialects will permanently remove all of your modifications to the dialect types. Please be careful!