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Appearance Preferences

The appearance pane is used to set options for object appearance.

Draw Field Borders

This option sets whether SQLEditor will draw lines between fields in tables.

Always show Drag Handle

This option specifies whether the drag handle on field objects should remain visible at all times. If it is disabled then the handle will be visible only when the field is selected.

Draw Rounded Boxes

This option switches between the newer drawing style that uses round boxes and the original SQLEidotr drawing style that uses square boxes.

Use new style color box headers

By default SQLEditor uses changes the color of the table header to represent labels.

If you deselect this option then SQLEditor will color the background of the table instead.

Align Field Types in Column

This option indicates whether SQLEditor should align field type labels in a vertical column or draw the labels immediately after the field name.

Better highlighting of dark objects

Uses an asthetically better, but slower algorithm when drawing highlighted objects. This improves the appearance of objects that have darker backgrounds.

Snap to bottom right on grid

If snap to grid is enabled and this option is also enabled then objects will be snapped to both top left and bottom right on the grid, increasing size if necessary. This means that all objects will be sized to a multiple of the grid size.

Object Handle Size

This allows you to change the size of the draw handles that appear when seleecting, moving and reszing objects.

Grid Size

This allows you to change the size of the background grid that appears when you select ViewShow Grid and which is used for alignment purposes with ViewSnap to grid