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What's new in SQLEditor 2

Works better out of the box

SQLEditor now bundles Java in the app, so there's nothing to install in most cases.

We've also rewritten most parts of SQLEditor to work without Java, including new native database drivers which are bundled into the app too.

In many cases you won't need to install anything extra to use SQLEditor, saving time and effort.

Process Separation

SQLEditor now runs all database, most import/export operations and anything involving Java in a separate process. This means that if these operations should crash, hang or become unstable (due to bugs in SQLEditor, third party code or connection issues) SQLEditor itself will remaing running.

This also removes a signficant cause of bugs relating to Java running within the main app

Multiple Selection and editing

SQLEditor now supports selecting and editing multiple objects at the same time. You can now select several tables and change schema or table type, or select multiple fields and set them all to be unique or of type VARCHAR(255)

Mult-object selection and editing only works if you select objects of the same type (for example, 3 tables). If you select objects of differing types (for example 1 table, a comment and a field) then you will see the "Multiple Selection" inspector instead.

Note also that connectors cannot currently be edited using this feature, however you can select the source foreign key or source field and edit most of the settings there instead

Diff Support

SQLEditor now includes diff support, this feature takes two documents or two revisions of the same document and generates SQL instructions to change the first revision to the second

For example if document1 contains 1 table "tableA" and document2 contains 2 tables "tableA" and tableB, then the diff feature will identify that document2 is missing tableB and generate only the required instructions to add that table

Tree View

The tree view is a new way of looking at your document in a hierarchical tree. You can edit and select objects just as in the canvas

Labels Panel

The labels panel allows you to group objects together easily using labels, you can also hide and show objects by label and move tables easily from one label grouping to another.

Overview Panel

The Overview panel shows a minature view of your document and indicates which part is visible in the main window. You can also scroll the document by dragging the visible area indicator around.

Editable Object Palette

The object palette has been improved, and you can now add your own objects and groups to it. It also offers filtering and rearranging.

Command Line Interface

SQLEditor now has a command line mode, you can use this to import and export databases to and from SQLEditor documents, or import and export SQL to SQLEditor documents.