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SQLEditor For Mac OS X is a program to help you work with databases. Relational databases are the main type of database that SQLEditor supports, however other types can also be used.

SQLEditor allows you to create, import, view, edit and export database structures. You can use it to create diagrams of databases showing the logical layout of objects within the database. You can save images of databases to use on webpages or in documents. You can also import and view the structure of live databases via JDBC

This guide describes SQLEditor 2.0 which is the second major release version for SQLEditor. It differs in some ways from version 1.0, but if you're familar with earlier versions most things should be fairly similar.


SQLEditor is a powerful tool that allows you to do lots of things. However like any tool it is possible to do bad things as well as good. Please take care when using SQLEditor, because incorrect operation may cause serious damage to your database and the data contained in it.

Make sure you have lots of backups of your database and it's data; and please don't ignore the warnings in this manual and in SQLEditor itself.