Known Issues

This document applies to SQLEditor 2 and 3

3.3.8 and 3.3.9

Crash when using inspectors on Mac OS 10.11 or earlier

SQLEditor 3.3.9 when running on Mac OS 10.11, 10.10 or 10.9, opening the inspector causes SQLEditor to raise an exception (and show the report exception panel).

This is caused by a property being set on inspector text panels that is not available on Mac OS versions before 10.12.

This has been fixed in SQLEditor 3.3.11 (60M dmg file)
or use the in-app auto-updater by checking "Check for beta versions"


Export via clipboard uses generic dialect ignoring document dialect

Due to a bug, this release of SQLEditor always uses the "Generic" dialect when exporting via the clipboard (copy/paste) instead of the correct document dialect

This has been fixed in the latest beta: SQLEditor 2.9.2b1 (58M zip file)
or use the in-app auto-updater by checking "Check for beta versions"


Release notes and readme in help menu cause exception

Due to two missing files in the build, the "Release Notes" and "Readme" options in the help menu don't work

(Fixed in a later release)

SQLite file export

If exporting to SQLite, with an auto increment primary key, the type must be integer or the export may fail



Keywords when parsing

There are a number of SQL keywords which cannot be used as identifiers in SQL files when importing into SQLEditor.

Later versions of SQLEditor have an improved parser which should reduce the number of reserved words.


All Versions

Reordering fields and then exporting doesn't affect database field order

If you have a table and reorder the fields in SQLEditor, this reordering may not be exported to the database.
Work is continuing on this issue.

Oracle database connectivity doesn't work when specifying a schema in lowercase

Use uppercase, Oracle JDBC drivers seem to expect schema names to be in uppercase

Postgresql (8.x) Import: Foreign keys are not imported

Please upgrade to the latest available JDBC driver, which should fix the problem (or use the built in native driver instead)

JDBC Drivers are not automatically recognised

SQLEditor will only recognize drivers that are included on its internal list. If the driver isn't on this list then it will not be recognized automatically and you will need to add it by hand.

See the SQLEditor database drivers page for details of supported drivers

If you install drivers while it is running it may not recognise them immediately. Try restarting SQLEditor to see if this makes any difference.

Can't drag fields, only links are drawn

Drag using the drag handle on the left of the field. If no handle is visible try clicking on the field first

No files seem to be recognized when I try Import From File

Files without extension or with the extensions sql,text or txt can be imported

MySQL "type" vs "Engine"

MySQL versions 5.2 and later want to use keyword "ENGINE" instead of "TYPE" for specifying table engine types (INNODB, MyISAM, etc)
Earlier versions of SQLEditor used "TYPE", new releases now correctly use "ENGINE"


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