Custom Development

Have a software application written to your specification for Mac OS X, linux, Windows or Java.

Ask Angus!

Hi, I'm Angus Hardie, founder of MalcolmHardie Solutions Ltd. One of the things that
I do is write custom applications for clients. In this short introduction to the topic I'll talk about why you might want a custom application, what the limitations are and what I can do to help you reach your desired result.

Why do I need a custom application?

  • You need software to do something specific, but no existing software is available.
  • You have particular requirements that existing software is unable to meet.
  • You want to use a platform that isn't supported by currently available software.

What does custom application development cost?

The price depends on the scope, the technology and the timescale.

Fast development of large applications using new technology is more expensive than slower, smaller, simpler applications.

To get an accurate price you really need to talk to me directly. Send an email with your requirements and I'll give you a better idea.

What is your preferred platform?

My preferred platform is Mac OS X and that's where I have the most experience. However I also have extensive Java experience, Windows experience and some knowledge of Linux and DOS development.

What sort of projects are reasonable for your company?

I'm don't have a huge development staff, so writing a Microsoft Word competitor is probably unreasonable. On the other hand most applications are not Microsoft Word, so please get in touch, even if you think the project seems a large one.

If a particular idea doesn't seem possible for me due to scale, knowledge, time-scale or any other concern; I'll tell you upfront.

What if I don't know exactly what I want?

If you have a more general idea of an application but don't know precisely what is required then you can sit down (virtually or in reality) and I'll help you work through your requirements.

Though if we have to spend a long time doing this we may need to charge. No surprises though, I'll say clearly if it looks like a lot of work is needed.

Sounds great! Who do I contact?

You can email me at, send a letter to our postal address (below) or phone +44 (0) 131 516 8973.